The Ear Clinic

The Ear Clinic offers convenient and safe services, delivered by qualified nurses at our clinics and also through home visits for immobile clients.

We are dedicated to improving the ear health of Auckland locals through comprehensive specialist cleaning services, gentle and friendly patient service, and diligent observation of conditions that may need further attention from another health care professional.

If you suffer from persistent symptoms such as itchiness, swimmers ear, surfers ear, or blockages, then you may benefit from our professional assessment and treatment. In addition to removing wax and foreign objects, we can provide sensible professional advice about keeping the entire ear area safe, clear and healthy. We work in conjunction with ENT specialists, GPs and audiologists to deliver a holistic approach to care.

Appointments at The Ear Clinic are affordable, and follow-ups are offered at a specially discounted rate (when booked within four weeks). ACC coverage is available for eligible patients, and we treat war pensioners free of charge. You do not need a referral to make an appointment with us.

Our service areas cover Auckland suburbs including (but are not limited to) Henderson, Milford, Remuera and the North Shore and Orewa.

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